M.H.Blades 2023 Middle East

2008 Our company began providing industrial solutions for Yarn and carpet machines.In these fields, industrial blades and cutters are used. We began research and experiments to find the optimal solution for our customers.

In 2013, we became convinced that Lutz blade Company is the first and most advanced company in the manufacture of industrial blades. We began work on providing these blades to the markets.

In 2019, our company reached its goal, which it had sought for years, which was to distribute LUTZ industrial blades from the beigest German company, and we did not stop striving and striving.

2023 We established a strong partnership with Lutz Company and Agent for industrial blades in below countries.
( Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait, Sudan, Palestine, Oman, Yemen and Bahrain)


Why should you choose our company?

We strive to provide innovations and creative solutions to save time and cost for the client

The customer’s choice of our company is the trust that we are proud of.

Precision is our philosophy

Whether “razor sharp” for the finest cuts or “extremely stable” for impact and pressure cuts: Precision has been the philosophy of our company for more than 10 years – in everything we think, produce and deliver to our customers. Precision guides us from the idea to the finished product to the optimal solution for every cutting task. Because this is the only way we can meet the demands that customers place on us. In every development and manufacturing step – blade by blade.

To achieve this, we are committed to high quality, precision and sharpness in our work. Together with our customers, we define all relevant parameters necessary to meet individual requirements – for more sharpness and tool life. In doing so, we always see ourselves as a partner to our customers and focus not only on current but also on future customer needs.

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