Textile Blades

The cutting processes in the textile industry not only require enormous efficiency, but also have to meet the highest quality standards – regardless of whether they involve the production of textile floor coverings or the cutting of technical and medical textiles.

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Medlab Middle East 2024

Unlock unparalleled precision in your medical laboratory with LUTZ BLADES, a century-old German blade manufacturer dedicated to excellence. Our blades, bearing the distinguished LYNXERA® name, embody exceptional craftsmanship, precision, and an extended service life, ensuring optimal results in the medical industry.

German Precision: Crafted in Germany, our blades adhere strictly to precision standards and undergo rigorous quality control, ensuring reliability for your lab-based cutting applications.

LYNXERA® Assurance: Experience the epitome of accuracy and sharpness with our LYNXERA® blades, delivering superior results in medical procedures.

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COMPAMED 2023 Dusseldorf-Germany


Efficient. Precise. Consistent.

Microtome Blades Technology, Made in Solingen

Distributed By M.H.Blades

Precision, high-quality workmanship, Superior service life- the blades from LUTZ BLADES offer the optimum conditions for delivering the best work in the medical field.

Sharp. Safe. hygienic.

Lutz Blades develops and produces blades for a wide variety of cutting applications – and the medical; sector is strongly. Lutz Blades product range includes dermatome blades, microtome blades, blades for laparoscopy as well as precision and special blades for various applications in medical technology.

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